21 April, 2007

A Different Sort of Appointment

I'm hesitant to post anything about this, but since a good portion of you are my friends (whether in real life or just in the Blogosphere) and I usually get this feeling that you love me, I think I'll talk about it. (Also, I don't want you to think that I'm just posting about it to get sympathy....except maybe deep down that's really what I want....)

Anyway, I had a regular prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything with the baby sounds/looks fine. I'm "quite nice and round" but courtesy of my "lagging weight gain" will be getting yet another ultrasound in two weeks (if anyone's counting, that'll be my fifth). Yes, I was 'this close' (thumb and index finger mere millimeters apart) to getting the "EAT!" lecture yet again. I'm trying, I'm trying! (A very humourous conversation about bra shopping ensued. I'm convinced that in another lifetime, my Midwife and I would've made excellent roommates.)

Then my appointment took a different sort of turn when I mentioned a wee lump I found in my right breast earlier this week (April's almost over - have YOU done your self-exam this month?). My Midwife poked around a bit and asked a series of questions. I guess my very cheerful and positive answers were the wrong ones because I'm going in for a breast ultrasound on Monday afternoon. She said it definitely did not feel like anything mammary-gland related . So there. That's it. I'm not super-worried, but it's still 'there,' you know? On the back burner of my thoughts. If you're so inclined, thanks in advance for your prayers.

Oh! I almost forgot! After said appointment, Husband and I were both having a hankering for a Slurpee. We have no 7-11 anywhere around and have had no luck hunting down a slurpee/slushee/whateveryouwanttocallit since we moved here. Yesterday though - oh what glee! What excitement! On our way to the gas station, we passed the Dairy Bar - the queue at the Dairy Bar. Hooray! We had our first swirl cone of the season and guess what else! Wait for it....we weren't even wearing jackets! FINALLY!


Beck said...

That's a bit worrisome, certainly. I get very ropey breast tissue while I'm pregnant, and that's actually pretty common. Your breast lump is likely related to something like that.
LAGGING weight gain? Good grief. Let me mail you some of mine.

erin k said...

I'll be thinking of you on Monday. In the mean time I hope you are still enjoying spring weather.