10 April, 2007

One Tuesday a Month

So the celebration of Easter weekend is over for another year and here's hoping you all had a wonderful Easter. I was lucky enough to get a phone call from Home wherein we played 'pass the phone train along' and I got to talk to all my relatives. Such a good treat!
Then on Sunday - "springtime" in Maine does strange things to people - we got not just one but TWO invitations for lunch after church! We accepted one from Lester (well he asked first). His wife is down in NC visiting their daughter who just so happens to be due with her first child in June - just like me - so we already have a connection. Lester had leftovers already in the oven when we got there and we had a great time. An unusual, but perfect Easter celebration.

Tonight I'm going to my very first La Leche League meeting (meetings are the first Tuesday of every month). Erin over at Whitekirk (check soon for an updated post from Erin because I just sent her some interview questions) assures me that LLL participants aren't breastfeeding nazis, and the lady I talked to on the phone yesterday did sound quite nice. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

We haven't caught any mice in the last couple of days. Maybe they're away for Easter. Otherwise, nothing else is really new around here. Sorry to disappoint. We spent Saturday working on our baby registries. It was fun and we only have, supposedly, 10 weeks to go! We have so much painting to get done! Yikes!


Beck said...

I wish someone would invite us over for lunch after church - but sadly, they see how our kids behave IN church. I find that our mice numbers REALLy declines in the spring.

bren j. said...

You mean the mice actually leave?? on their own? Maybe we should give them a hint - little posters that say 'Bon Voyage Wee Vermin!'